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Just as there are no two identical products, there are no two identical customers. C-drawings creates each customer’s working plan according to the level of readiness of the project modelling and development, and the level of complexity required. All of my customers benefit from the following services:

- mechanical modeling and design: I support the initial product modeling and design together with the customer and customer's engineering team. The support is provided directly, by means of advising on the product design, materials required for the production, product shape etc.

- a product drawing: after the product shape and structure are brought together (either by the customer alone or with my assistance), I create the precise product drawing, bearing in mind the product’s purpose and working hand in hand with the producer. The drawing services include the relevant views with the precise measurements and the requested tolerances.

- assembly drawings
- building of the product tree
- preparing a product portfolio for moving from development to production
- electronic cable-models and drawings
- drawings of existing models, models of existing drawings, models of the physical parts, a library of rigid parts.
- conversion of manuscript drawings into computerised format
- conversion drawings from Auto-CAD to 3D CAD design software

I can also create 3D computer models and simulations of a room, furniture, a kitchen etc.

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