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The world of phisycal objects engages our vision, touch, hearing and even our smell. In order to stimulate the senses of you user the forming of an object must insure multiple itterations towards the refinement of the final form.

Itteration is an an essential pillar in the process of creating a fine object.

Here at CDrawings we understand that. Thanks to the newest advancements in technology we are happy to add an important service of 3D printing to our portfolio of services.

Our MakerBot Z18 printer is one of the largest printers available. It can produce prototypes in wide variaty of colors, 3 resolutions of 0.1 to 0.3mm out of a quality PLA material.

The great advantage of a quality 3D printing for prototyping is its speed and cost, that has no rivals in the manufacturing industry.


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